Digital innovation in the agrifood industry

S3FOOD is an European collaboration of cluster organisations to promote digitalisation of the agrifood sector in Europe (Industry 4.0). S3FOOD is: Smart Sensor Systems for FOOD safety, quality control and resource efficiency in the food processing industry.

Supporting digitalisation

S3FOOD supports SME’s (food processing SMEs or technology providing SMEs) on the level of implementing smart sensor systems and on turning data into relevant information. Therefore S3FOOD partners organise study visits, matchmaking sessions and expert-meetings  Also, the food manufacturers and their technology suppliers can apply for funding up to € 60,000 for digitalisation projects. Depending on the theme and the development stage, SME’s can apply for different vouchers. 

S3FOOD is organised by 13 partners from 8 different European countries and 3 linked third-parties. The initiative  is co-funded by the European Union (Horizon 2020). AgriFood Capital BV takes part in the committee that’s responsible for the voucher programme for exploration, validation and implementation of smart sensor technologies.

For more informatin, go to the S3FOOD website.